Here you can find the lyrics of the songs recorded and not recorded. It was pretty difficult to arrange the songs in an appropriate order, since some of them belong to one album, some of them belong to different albums, the others do not belong to anything.
So please klick through the lyrics to find what you want. Please write me, if you still cannot find the desired text.

Here you can find poetry, verses, words in rhythmes. Pyrrhus, iamb, dactyl, spondee, trochee, anapest, amphibrach and andbacchius, whatever is the name for the rhyme, it's always a feeling's picture of certain moment. Compared to the prosa, poetry is seldom surviving for more than a century, since the poetra language is changing accoring to the shift in people's mind

Poetry is mostly in Russian language.

Fiction, surveys, essays, philosophical thoughts etc. Literary works online. Are they readable with exception of e-books? I'm not quite sure about this thetoric question. In any case I'll try to publish here some excerpts out of every single text I wrote. Inernet seems to be a perfect platform for discussions and forums with never ending feeds.

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Dec. 16, 2013

Мои твиты
Вс, 16:18: Прекрасный текст о любви. Татьяна Толстая: 12 месяцев. Декабрь: Вс, 17:04: Акварельная анимация Вс, 21:26: Мегакрутой концерт от Радиохэд

Dec.15, 2013

Мои твиты.

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Nov.06, 2013

Мои твиты
Ср, 05:39: Андрей Тарковский о мужчинах и женщинах Ср, 05:46: И еще на эту же тему